Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review of "It Happened in Florence"

Here is the latest review of my book It Happened in Florence, written by Sarah Sievert and published in The Florence Newspaper.

Do you find yourself with dreams still unfulfilled? Do you have the excuses of timing, family, job commitments, or another fear hidden by a back pocket excuse? Don't tell that to Nita Tucker.

Nita Tucker, founder and editor-in-chief of English newspaper The Florentine, offers uplifting advice in her autobiography It Happened in Florence. Against all odds, she tackled her dream to live in Europe, even at 50. She describes the trials, laughs and experiences she faced to prove “It's never to late.” Her honest and open style not only encourages you to turn the page but also to feel as if you have been invited to her home for a cup of coffee and afternoon chit chat.

Tucker’s book mirrors that of many expats or study abroad students. You may find yourself between chuckles or tears murmuring, “That happened to me too.” Though you may not have been the founder and editor-in-chief of The Florentine or trotted around on the Ferragamo country estate, the struggles with family, decisions, work, and cultural barriers echo those of many others, maybe yours.

And for those who have not yet felt the sunshine and clouds of living abroad or are on the verge of following a risky dream, this book serves as an excellent guideline and road trip companion. Tucker will make you laugh, cry, inspire you with ideas but most importantly push you. I recommend you to take a coffee break with Nita and listen to her story of “what happened in Florence.”

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