Monday, December 12, 2011

My life in Florence: Colazione (breakfast) at JK Place with the owner Ori Kafri. Then in the 4 hours until my pranzo (lunch appointment), I went to a fascinating exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi titled: Denaro e Bellezza (Money and Beauty), Medicis, Botticelli and Bonfire of the Vanities. From there I went to some of my favorite museums which I haven't been to in a couple of visits, Medici Chapel (magnificent sculptures by Michelangelo)and San Lorenzo church, designed by Brunelleschi.
Then I went to the 'office' of The Florentine for a lunch in my honor! Over pasta and two bottles of wine, we laughed and cried reminiscing of 7 years of The Florentine, thinking of who should 'star' as each of us in the movie of my book, It Happened in Florence.
Then tea at Lungarno hotel with my lovely Natasha, some 'work' by my esssential Dr. Foukis.
Dinner with my friends, Elisabetta Guicciardini and her husband Francesco Mazzei (proprietor of the famous Fonterutoli wine), at their home, joking and teasing for hours.
How fortunate to have my life and home away from home in this glorious city!