Monday, June 4, 2007

My dinner with Andrea

photos by Guido Mannucci

from left to right: Alberto Veronesi,Conductor of Puccini orchestra, Nita, Andrea

Villa La Pietra: June 1st.
Delta Airlines celebrated their first flights JFK-Pisa, and my darling, kind generous friend, Ellyn Toscano, director of Villa La Pietra, invited me as her guest. Andrea Bocelli sang and also agreed to do an interview with me for The Florentine, look for it sometime soon!


huggerg said...

Hi Nita,
I love the pictures! You go girl! I stumbled onto your blog by looking up a book title. I have been to italy and can truly appreciate your love for it. I just finished reading How Not to Stay Single after 40. Although Im not quite there yet (38) most applied to me. I would love to say good luck in all you do but you create your own path. However i will wish you continued success and thank you for your inspiration.

Ian said...

Wow!I came across your blog when googling to see what you were doing. You showed up in my thoughts. Am I correct in understanding that you are Editor in Chief of The Florentine? You look fabulous in the photo. I have some photos of you from Scotland. Would love to know more about what you are doing.

Love, Ian