Sunday, May 13, 2007

Capri: or I must have been very good in my last life

JK Place in Florence after only 3 years, has made it to the cover of The Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast's best small luxury hotel list, at least a dozen other 'best' lists, and is the favorite hotel for many of the international rich and famous. With only 20 rooms, and a staff of 24, the hotel has just the right balance between comfort and luxury, service and feeling at home. The decor, by famous architect, Michele Bonin is exquisite....and it's just a great place to be, visit, or stay.

The creation of the, 'too young to be this smart, responsible and gracious', Ori Kafri, is not only brilliantly executed, Ori's totaly attention to detail is not only applied to making 'the bella figura' but also to the kind of service he himself would want if he were staying at a great hotel. As you can see, I adore JK Place, and I adore, respect and admire Ori. He was one of the first people to advertise in The Florentine, so he was my customer. I was a business consultant for 25 years, and I think you can tell more about a person from how he treats his vendors or the people he hires, the people he gives money to, rather than how he treats the people who pay him. In my two years of doing business with Ori, he has always been respectful (keeps his appointments with me, on time) and honest. And he has become one of my dearest and most treasured friends.

JK Place in Capri had a 'soft' opening in April. Without any advertising or even press announcents, it is almost fully booked for the rest of the year. But in April, he still had a few rooms available and invited me and some other business/friends to see the hotel.

I was super excited just to go to Capri. I had visited there 5 years ago, and felt 'the magic'. But nothing, not knowing Capri, not knowing how beautiful JK Place Florence was, not even from hearing from Ori how beautiful this hotel had come out, prepared me for the experience of being at JK Place Capri. The Florence hotel is so impeccably done, you can't imagine that the one in Capri could be that much more exquisite, but it is. The setting (right on the water) with the huge terraces, the breeze, the view, the furniture, was a tranformative experience. We were all remarking how relaxed we felt, we couldn't even read, much less check our blackberries, or even think about work.

I have been fortunate to stay at some of the best hotels in the world....this one exceeds them all. I'm still dreaming of when I can return.

When in Capri: restaurant most famous, Paolina' eat under the lemon trees, and it is where Limoncello was first 'invented'.

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