Saturday, June 16, 2007

If beauty is only skin deep, then make sure you have a great doctor

I met Dr. Foukis when he was recommended as a plastic surgeon to do a minor procedure to fix a scar from a long time ago (you don’t want the details). He has become my doctor (the one I call to make sure my cold isn’t pneumonia, my gas isn’t a heart attack, and that my rash isn’t Dutch Elm disease), my ‘fountain of youth’ (you do want the details about this….see below), and more importantly, my friend. Generosity, kindness and integrity are the 3 qualities I look to develop in myself and I look for in others. I have been blessed to meet many people who I admire for exemplifying these qualities here in Florence, and Dr. Foukis probably tops this list.

Some info on him:
Came here from Corfu, Greece to study medicine in Florence. He is a surgeon who specializes in breasts. Dr. Foukis is a member of the European Society of Mastology and a specialist in oncoplastic surgery of the breast. In order to increase his knowledge he has consulted with some of the leading plastic surgeons around the world. In addition he has participated in most international conferences regarding plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as aesthetic medical procedures.

This led to opening his incredible salon (incredible in that it was designed by world-famous architect, Michael Young…you’ve got to go just to see the place, it’s spectacular) on Borgo San Jacopo, next to the Lungarno Hotel, appropriately named, “Skin”.

The ‘details you want’:

‘Skin’ is a salon, in that you can get pedicures, manicures, massages, facials.

‘Skin’ is a doctor’s office: Dr. Foukis does Botox, restylane and other fillers for lips, cheeks. He has treatments for removal of scars, varicose veins, cellulite, and stretch marks. And he does permanent hair removal with a painless photo-lite machine and many others.

What makes ‘Skin’ unique, is the holistic approach of the aesthetic treatments, an aesthetic medical center consisting of only professionals involved in the aesthetic field; ie. a surgeon, dermatologist, vascular surgeon, dentist, dietician, physiotherapist and aethetician, offer their services in order to meet and satisfy the client’s needs!

‘Skin’ has the latest and greatest:

I have had almost all of the above done (except breast augmentation) and I want to rave about the following because these are treatments that really produce visible results:

• Facial machine. I call it the ‘Triple Threat’, it does photo facial, microdermabrasion and a suction that stimulates the collagen. I have used it on my face and neck, and the immediate results are dramatic. It costs less than a normal cleansing facial in the US, and it not only cleans much deeper, it really rejuvenates the skin. Costs about 90euro. Probably should do it once a month, but I want to hook up to it daily.

• Botox and fillers: I have done this in the States before, and not only does Dr. Foukis do a much better job than previous ‘encounters’, he’s about 1/2 the price of the US, and he is more up to date on the different materials because most of them come from Europe.

• Photo hair removal: the ‘light’ only works on dark or black hairs, and usually need 2 or 3 treatments, and then once a year after that. Mine got done in 2 treatments, and I have almost none to be treated after one year. It’s incredible, I never have to shave under my arms!!

• The good news with Dr. Foukis, is that everything he has done on me (lips, cheeks….to mention a few), he does in a way that looks absolutely natural. You never see someone walk out the office with that awful, Joan River’s frozen monster look.

• The bad news with Dr. Foukis, is that, no matter, what he does, I still look the same, in that I don’t walk out of his office looking like Angela Jolie or Nicole Kidman.

• Mostly I want to rave about the integrity of Dr. Foukis. My beautiful 28 year friend went to him to get Botox, and he told her to come back in 10 years. Another friend asked him if she should get her eyes done (a surgery he performs), and he told her absolutely not, with just some Botox and facial treatments with the Triple Threat, she would get the desired result (and she did). But so far with me, he always advises me to have the treatment (probably because I’m not 28!)

Call and make an appointment just to talk to Dr. Foukis (there’s no charge). I love to hear about all the new treatments, machines, what they do, how much it costs, etc. I’m probably a little ‘nuts’, but I think it’s fun.
Phone number: 055 2741503


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Cosmetic surgeon is responsible for the reshaping; and new changing in our body. it can give us more beautifull if the surgeon is real a professional. but in other hand he can also be responsible for our ugly looks if he is not a professional. so we need to know the qualities of a best plastic surgeon. thanks for sharing this blog.